Flor de D’Crossier No. 560 to Debut at IPCPR

Pure Aroma Cigars Inc. will be unveiling a new cigar line at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show next week, as today company president Isaias Santana Diaz announced the Flor de D’Crossier No. 560.

In a press release, the company says the release resonates with positivity and is inspired by “the ideals of being true to oneself and asserting personal freedom to make inspired choices.”

The new line uses an Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Diaz calls the cigar’s flavors full of character and complexity.

“This cigar is an expression of our values and is the epitome of everything a cigar should be admired for,” said Diaz.

It is being made at ABAM Cigars S.R.L. in the Dominican Republic and comes in three sizes:

  • Flor de D’Crossier No. 560 Julietas (6 x 47) — $8.90
  • Flor de D’Crossier No. 560 Magnum (5 1/2 x 52) — $9.50
  • Flor de D’Crossier No. 560 Robusto (4 7/8 x 50) — $9

Each size comes in 25-count boxes, and Diaz told halfwheel that while he is planning to make a total of 600 boxes for this year, the No. 560 will be a regular production addition. Shipping is scheduled to begin on Sept. 30.

As for the name, its origin is hinted at in the above graphic, specifically the phrase angel numbers. The number 560 is associated with change and making progress towards goals, according to a pair of websites that explain the ideas behind angel numbers.

“It occurred to me loud and clear that the changes I have made in my life have paved the way for stability, balance and abundance” said Diaz, echoing some of the language used on one such website that explains angel numbers. “I wanted this cigar to reflect that awareness.”

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